Arpan Foundation is a non-profit organization registered under Society Act 1860 (XXI). Arpan Foundation is working pan India. Arpan's work is to uplift the Standard of Education especially at Basic Level, Economic empowerment of Farmers and Empowerment of women in Maya Block of Faizabad district, as a part of the recent Project that is being conducted.

Arpan Foundation is mainly working for Child Education & Poverty Alleviation.

Arpan Foundation is a medium to discharge the Social Duties for Arpan Fragrances Private Limited, a Kanpur based company, concerned with manufacturing of Incense Sticks & Packaged Spices. Its working areas are UP, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Jharkhand, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana & Himachal Pradesh states of India (for more details, please log on to

The native place of company’s directors is Goshainganj. The initial stage of directors was full with very hard struggle because of poverty. After establishment, Arvind Gupta, one of the Director, decided to start Arpan Foundation in 2003 for saving to underprivileged section of society. Since, key of Success is Education for directors. Therefore, these areas-Child Education & Poverty Alleviation are chosen. Arpan Foundation’s mandate is very clear that Earning of Parents & Quality Education of children are 2 sides of a coin.

Arpan Foundation’s mission is to Develop Human by providing the best Quality Education enriched with Great Moral Values to children & thus creating Excellence in new generation.

To make an eco-arrangement of people, organizations and activities to make sheltered and secure spots for youngsters.

By with the fundamental objects of the association to Work as an impetus in getting supportable change the lives of underprivileged kids, Aged, ladies and Agricultural Farmers with an existence cycle approach of improvement.

To enable underprivileged kids, Aged , ladies and Agricultural Farmers through applicable training, imaginative medicinal services, maintainable horticulture and Environmental preservation programs.

To send most ideal system and innovation for accomplishing perfect social degree of profitability, to rehearse and advance great administration. To connect business aggressiveness of the corporate with social improvement activities; likewise to sharpen advantaged kids, Aged, ladies, Farmers.


Arpan Foundation’s vision is to have an Excellent Generation for a Well Cultured, Civilized, Prosperous & Peaceful Society.

A cheerful, sound and inventive youngster whose rights are secured and regarded in a general public that is based on regard for respect, equity and value for all. 

Arpan Foundation is a registered NGO based in Goshainganj,

a small town in Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh.

Arpan Foundation is mainly working for Child Education & Poverty Alleviation.

Address-Katra, Goshainganj,224141-Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh (India). 

Area of Working- All India

Presently Working - Maya Block (Faizabad), Uttar Pradesh - India

Chief Functionary -Arvind Gupta (M-+919838200213, email- 

Registration- under Societies Registration Act XXI 1860 Registration Number-1055/2013-2014

12 AA Registration Number- URN 711/2015-16 Dt. 27.01.2016 

80G Registration Number- URN 147/S-157/2016-17 Dt. 03.01.2017

FCRA Registration Number- 136410052R 

NGO Darpan Registration Number- UP/2009/009813


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Anil Kumar Gupta


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Raj Kr. Gupta


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Arvind Gupta

Secretary/Chief Functionary

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Julee Gupta


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Vijay Kumar Gupta


  • Registration Certificate
  • 12A Certificate
  • 80G Certificate
  • FCRA Certificate


Rabia Khatoon & Asraf Khatoon live at village-Samda of Maya Block (Faizabad). Both are sibling & students of Diksha. Their father is a Chronic Cancer patient & have no source of Income. They have been getting Good Quality Education without any cost. Even, Books are furnished by school. Kids are good in education and with support of Arpan Foundation they are willing to go high and fullfill their dream. And at Arpan foundation we are committed to social and educational development of the every children in needs.

Ram Prasad s/o Shri Jokhu lives in Sevaganj Village of Maya Block (Faizabad). He has a 1/4 acre land & 8 mango trees. From last 3 years he has become one of key source of Mango to company. He supplies around 400-500 kg mangos in every season & earns around Rs 4000-5000 per season. Before Arpan’s intervention he has no Income from mango trees. There are hundreds of stories like Ram Prasad with Arpan Foundation.

Tabrej, a 50 years old poor & widow muslim lady, lives in Goshainganj. She has no much earning resources that could be enough to complete her family duties. Team Arpan met her and understood her problems and then she got traning of making insence stick and after successfully done her training she joined Arpan Foundation’s intervention of making Insence stick and now she is completing all family duties on her own effort because of Arpan foundation. She was associated with Arpan from its inception and now she is very happy.


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